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Decks, Porches, Patios & Repairs Weighing the Cost Factors of a New Deck

You’ve made the decision either that your home is not complete without a new deck or that your current deck needs a deck repair, overhaul or tune-up! 
westchester deck builder It’s time to start looking for a deck builder and see whats-what. But just like everything else decks are a micro-universe of details. Decking options like material, design, form and functional requirements should all be considered and explored to ensure you end up with the right deck for your home, family and unique set of needs.
First, I like to take a big step back with my deck building customers and layout all the factors the project will encapsulate. Starting with the not-so-fascinating stuff like talking about decking materials, assessing labor needs, and defining your projects permit requirements.
By giving my deck construction and decking repair customers a look at the big picture, we can sometimes quickly determine elements that are deck build-must haves! Vs. Deck build-throwaway ideas.
Nothing helps a decking project get off the ground like knowing what you want from your deck build or decking repair project.

Westchester County Deck Builder 

Let’s get started! Lets talk:

Deck Installation

  • Deck Building Materials
There are several different types of decking material available.  You can use traditional pressure treated wood or the easy care, long lasting Trex decking.
This is a super investment regarding the cost versus the time you save maintaining your beautiful new deck. No more stripping, staining and resealing. With a modern composite material, you’re looking a reduced care plan, just clean and go in the spring.
  • Deck Building Labor
Timing impacts labor costs. Have you thought about having your deck done in the offseason? Or providing your decking contractor with a flexible work schedule? Both options give contractors and homeowners alike the flexibility they need to move ahead at the right price and on or ahead of pace. For a decking contractor like me, knowing a homeowner is ok being fit in around bigger jobs allows me to get more done. Certain materials can be worked with year-round.
  • Deck Building Permits
Check to see if your contractor includes permits in the estimate for your deck.  If not, inquire, or see if you need to purchase one on your own. This is very important.
  • Insurance
You should call your insurance company and add your fantastic new deck to your policy.  Keep it protected it will be part of your home if not your favorite part.
  • The actual design of the deck
Sit down and make of list of what you want, versus what you need. Think of the ways you use your deck.
If you have a giant backyard Bar-B-Que several times a summer, you need a different deck than if you like to sit out there and have a cup of tea a few times a year. A good contractor like us Westchester Carpentry will help you to design the deck of your dreams.
Once you’ve made your decisions, it’s time to call in a professional. Westchester Carpentry can help you cement your ideas, and make sure nothing is overlooked in the planning stage. Contact us, and we will make your backyard decking dreams a reality.

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