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Westchester custom closet Westchester County Custom Closets by Westchester Carpentry

For most homeowners space comes at a premium, especially when it comes to closet space. There never seems to be enough space or the right features in standard closets. Along with a wide range of custom built-in options, Westchester Carpentry is able to partner with homeowners and together create the best custom closet solution for their needs.

We build functional, organized, and good looking custom closets and intimate spaces. Let’s meet, together we can create a well-organized closet with a mix of the functional features you need to make the most of the space you have.

Custom Closets Closet Feature Options

Most homes have several closets serving the various storage needs within the given room of your home. We have designed mud rooms, general storage closets, pantries, tool closets, high-end walk-in closets with custom storage and powder rooms.

Here are some custom closet features to consider as well as the closets where they might work best. 

  • Pocket Doors or Bi-fold Doors.

    Where space is limited, like in bathrooms or narrow hallways, pocket doors and bi-fold doors allow additional space for a closet without having to accommodate a wider door swing.

  • Drawers and bookshelves.

    The addition of drawers to hall closets, craft room closets, bedroom closets, and pretty much any other place that can benefit from the better organization are good locations for these.

  • Cubbies.

    Similar to drawers, but designed to fit specific items are another great way to help organize items in your closet and avoid having to empty the entire closet to find what you’re looking for. A variation of cubbies with a sloped base creates a great way to store and display shoes in your bedroom closet.

  • Built-in Benches.

    Adding built-in benches to your bedroom closet or mudroom closet creates a great space to put on shoes or take off those muddy, wet boots in the mudroom closet. These benches can also double as additional storage space.

  • Specialized Hanging Racks.

    Racks for hanging specific tools or other items you use frequently (brooms, mops, ironing boards, or crafting tools) help organize clutter and make things easier to find.

  • Vanities and Mirrors.

    Larger, dressing room style closets are a great place to add vanities and full-length, custom mirrors.

  • Skylights and Windows.

    Either of these two helps to add natural light into any closet, which is always welcome. Built-in benches work well under windows.

  • Panic Rooms or Vaults.

    Larger closets can also be set up as a panic room or vault, and they can even have a secret or hidden door.

This is far from an exhaustive list of the different features that can help you make the best use of closet space in your home. Basically, if you can dream up the closet you want or need with the features that will simplify your life, we can build it. We provide personalized home storage solutions.

Westchester Carpentry can hang or install pre-built closet drawers, mirrors, vanities, shelving, hanging rods, and closet systems that fit your needs.  For all the closet space and features you need, skip the standardized pre-built closets from big box store, and contact us at Westchester Carpentry.

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