Is It Time To Update Your Deck?

Have you looked at your deck recently?

Is it cracked, gray or sagging? Is it outdated? Is it safe? Maybe it’s time to call in a pro. There are a host of new options out there to make your deck the talk of the neighborhood. 

First, start with the basics.

westchester county deck repairDo you need an entirely new deck, or can you re deck on the existing foundation? When looking at redecking, make sure the underpinnings are in good order. Is the deck fastened to the house according to existing code?

Is there proper flashing between the deck and the house to ensure correct drainage and prevent water damage? Are the joists installed using joist hangers, or just nailed in place? Many of these issues may not become apparent until the decking is removed. Some portion of a re-decking project is contingent on findings during these initial discovery phases. At this time, once we know what we are working with, we will discuss your options to make sure the money you are spending on redecking is being put to its best possible use.

Once we enter the design phase, the fun starts! 

There are so many options to make your deck the paradise you envision. 

First, we will sit down and talk about all the options from bench seating to custom built-ins and outdoor kitchen options, really, the sky is the limit.  With custom seating options comes some great opportunity to maximize your outdoor storage space with built-in seating with flip-top storage, custom tables matching rails. Pergolas are popular for shade and to define eating areas within the overall deck plan. Privacy fences can ensure that a noisy neighbor doesn’t know what you are having for dinner every night.

We can also help plan the incorporation of vegetation and greenery. Custom planters and rail flower boxes will provide a pop of summer color when filled with blooming plants. Lattice and privacy fences can be covered in quick growing vines for blooms all summer long and best of all the added privacy they provide. We love working with the natural space and will take time to plan deck cutouts around trees and larger planting areas to tie your deck back to nature.

But how will the deck look, feel and function at night? What about when a BBQ stretches into the evening? Now we need to think about lighting and sound options. It’s easy to add wiring for post lighting, step outlines, and dining area inset lighting while we are building. It’s not so easy afterward, so we always work to cover every angle in the project planning phase.

Contact us at Westchester Carpentry , lets how together we can make your deck the best room in the house.

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