What You Should Know When Hiring a Westchester County Deck Contractor

Dear Westchester County Homeowners,

Are you looking to add a new deck or porch to your home, add a deck to a new or existing aboveground pool or create a standalone deck to your yard? 

deck repair westchester count nyWestchester Carpentry helps homeowners who are looking to repair or replace existing decks as well as those looking to add a new deck to their home.  Decks allow homeowners the opportunity to improve the value of their homes by adding outdoor space that suits their personal needs quickly. The first step is to make sure you know you have the right decking contractor for your project.


As a decking expert I suggest you start by asking what it is you want, do you have a solid idea of what your deck repair project or new deck will look like when complete? You have to know what you want. If you simply want the same deck you had before a deck? Then restoration or repair is in order and you are ready to start looking for a deck repair contractor.


Are you looking for a custom deck? Are able to envision your new custom deck or show someone a deck like it? Is it loaded with customizations? Built in seating? Inset lighting or maybe soundproof glass sides? You are then looking to find a reputable custom deck builder. A custom deck builder will not just build your deck to your specifications, but help you design one that suits your needs

Ask your custom deck contractor the following:

1. Will the new deck need architectural plans?

2. Can you help add custom elements to the deck like a fireplace or kitchen? If you are building a deck around a hot tub or pool, you definitely need to make sure your contractor has experience.

3. What materials do they use? And what materials do they recommend for your project? This is a quick way to cross-check for competence – a good contractor will be able to quickly give you options and, more importantly, tell you why they would use composite rather than pressurized wood, for example.

4. What is your lead time? How quickly do you need your new deck? Remember that very short lead time can be suspicious.

5. Do they have a license and insurance? Never use an unlicensed or uninsured contractor.

6. Do they handle the permits? Some contractors charge extra for this, but dealing with the local authorities can be a major headache (most contractors, however, will not help with your HOA).

7. Can they share references? Do they have online reviews? Can you contact these individuals to learn more about the person or company? References are the best way to establish a deck contractor’s competency. Ask the references if they would hire the deck builder again, what difficulties they had, and whether the project was finished on time and on budget.

If you ask these seven questions, you will have a good idea as to whether you are choosing the right contractor (which is not always the cheapest one). If you need a new deck, then consider contacting Westchester Carpentry as a carpenter who also owns a custom construction company I am uniquely qualified for decking projects of all sizes and scope. My team will handle the entire process, starting with a site visit, a discussion of the best style for you, an estimate, and full architectural planning as well as the construction itself.

My best,

Rick DePalma Jr.

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