Custom Closets Westchester County and Hudson Valley

Considering a custom closet or personalizing your home storage?

Custom closets are a fantastic option for maximizing your space, and according to Apartment Therapy, custom closets even add additional value to your home. We have partnered with homeowners all over Westchester from North Salem and Somers in the North to Pelham, New Rochelle and Hastings-on-Hudson to the South. The fact remains no matter what part of Westchester County you call home; a custom closet will add space, comfort and above all value to your home. 

Custom closets also provide a personalized element to your home, a detail that makes your space uniquely yours.  With our team of craftsmen, carpenters and designers we will help develop a practical organizational plan that will ensure you use your closet the way you want to. 

It is your home, only you know how you live in it and together we will create a custom closet solution that reflects and addresses your specific needs. 

Westchester County – Custom Closets, Media Centers, Bookshelves and Bedroom Storage Solutions 

Whether you’re looking for a closet or a media center, a custom bookshelf or more storage our team can help. Our owner, Rick DePalma Jr., a master carpenter has partnered with homeowners on projects of all shapes and sizes from creating storage solutions to revisioning a master walk-in closet on to designing and installing custom hyper-functional custom furniture with hidden storage.   

We can help custom craft closets from the top down, create built in seating, built in bookshelves and give you the freedom to decide how you want to organize your home. 

If you’re considering a customized closet, here are some things to keep in mind:


First and for most – this is your closet – ask yourself, what’s right for you?

There’s no right way to store your clothes. Some people prefer stacks of folded clothes, while others prefer to hang everything. Whether you’re organizing by color, season, or style. Before we sit down and talk about design; have an idea of how much space you need. Do you have loads of shoes, that you like to see each morning as you consider your options for the day? Do you have suits and dresses that need to hang in full length?  Do you keep your coats in your closet? Do you need shelving? Most closets do and if so, how much will you want to devote to folder clothing? 

Hanging clothing is a nice option for larger spaces as clothes that are hung up tend to hold their shape better for longer. When thinking about hanger rods there are two main types to consider

  • Double Hanging- Double hanging is utilized for shorter pieces like shirts and is a great way to maximize your closet space with two hanging bars. 
  • Long Hanging- For longer pieces like dresses you’ll want to have one high hanging bar so that clothes don’t bunch up


We all love shoes, how are you storing yours? 

You have a variety of options for shoe storage. You can choose from shoe racks, cascading shelf shoe racks, and angled shoe shelves. It’s a personalized choice, so go with whatever you feel suits your space and your shoe collection.


Customized touches

You want your closet to reflect your organizational needs, but you don’t need to compromise your aesthetic sensibilities! You can decide whether you’d prefer doors or drawers, built-in accessory holders, hutches, lighting and more. Yes, your closet is a practical space, but you’re taking the time to customize it, so any additions that make it feel truly yours and luxurious are worthy considerations.

At Westchester Carpentry we can help you build the custom closet you’ve always imagined. From design to finish, we have the expertise to create your perfect custom closet. We know all the tricks the big box stores use, and can bring the best quality without the hassle and run around you get when working with a big store. We also work with you directly so customize exactly to your specifications, so the sky’s the limit when considering what you want to add to your closet!  

For more information on how we can help you build your dream closet, contact us today!


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