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custom build ins westchester county

If you’ve found yourself staring at four walls and wondering how you’re going to add character to the empty box before you, consider built-in shelving. Built-ins aren’t just for libraries. There’s a whole world of possibilities awaiting that space lacking in personality. The first step is to decide how you’re going to use the room itself and the shelves in it.

Home Office Built-in’s and Storage Solutions

Working out of a home office is quickly becoming a reality for many people. Updating your workspace to maximize efficiency is definitely one of the benefits of adding built-in shelving to underutilized areas of the room. It also creates a more cohesive and inviting space where you want to go to be productive and express your creativity.

Custom Carpentry for your Family Room

The family room is where you and those closest to you go to relax, read, play games, and watch TV. It’s a multi-purpose room where you can unwind from the daily stresses of your life. That’s difficult to do in a space that’s disorganized and cluttered. Built-in shelving that surrounds the TV and media center creates a focal point and a place to store all the books, games, electronic devices, CDs, and DVDs.

Not all shelving needs to be exposed. This is the perfect opportunity to share purposes. Perhaps the upper portion of the built-in is open while cabinetry with doors occupies the lower section.

Built-ins and custom carpentry for Tiny Houses

Downsizing and living in smaller spaces is a trend that appears to be here to stay. You can maximize limited space by thinking outside the box, so to speak. Consider creating a built-in bookcase that doubles as a closet door to provide you with the best of both worlds. It’s also a conversation piece to show off to your guests.

The possibilities for built-in shelving are limited only by your imagination. It’s a unique way to create a space that suits your personality and lifestyle. Westchester Carpentry is available to assist you with every phase of the process to craft a unit that’s right for you. Contact us for a consultation.

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