The Best Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Deck Builder

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Building a deck can be an exciting renovation. A carefully placed patio or pergola can transform your yard into a personal paradise. Large-scale developments require diligence to choose the right team. But if you’ve never done something like this before, how do you know what to look for?
Your home is personal—and we here at Westchester Carpentry know exactly what you’re going through. That’s why we’ve comprised a list of the best questions to ask before you make the big decision.

1. What kind of experience do you have building decks in Westchester County?
It may seem silly, but it’s important to know! You should always investigate the history of the company and any examples of their past work. The most confident teams will display their experience prominently and with pride.
Ensure the carpenter has a quality history of deck building. The industry requires a multitude of standards to be met—something hard to guarantee without a proven record of experience.

2. Are you qualified to build within Westchester?
Remember those industry standards I mentioned before? They extend on a legal level as well.
Investigate the necessary state requirements and ask your carpenter about their qualifications. The most trustworthy teams act responsibly by maintaining valid licenses. Ours are proudly displayed in the footer of our website!

3. Do you help with permit requirements?
Legal requirements go beyond the deck builder and also extend to the property owner. Many states will require the property owner to have a valid permit before the construction of the deck can take place.
Ask your carpenter about their involvement with permit requirements. Some of the best teams to work with understand the complexity of these requirements and aren’t afraid to offer guidance to property owners.

4. Will the deck be suitable for every season? We see all four here in Westchester!
Quality construction is more than necessary for a county like Westchester. Finding a quality builder is critical to ensure your deck can survive the intensity of each season.
There are many factors to consider when weatherproofing a new construction. It’s important to find a qualified team who understands the needs of the local environment. Ask your carpenter about their weatherproofing experience in the immediate area.

Are you dreaming of your own personal paradise?
Westchester Carpentry has the qualifications and expertise to help bring your vision to fruition. Our family-owned team is based out of Westchester County and partnered with Premier HD construction. This alliance helps us provide the most reliable possible service to make your dream deck a reality.

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